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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dr. Dre - 'Kush' MP3 + Behind The Scenes Video

The Interscope machine are very quick to act on the Detox leak last week. Behind the scenes footage from the video set of the lead single 'Kush' which features Snoop & Akon. Guest appearances by 50, E-40, CTE's Roccett and Cash Money's Glasses Malone.

I don't think Detox is going to live up to the expectations that most have, not because it wont be dope but because most folk are expecting it to completely change the game (again). Based on today's saturation, a game-changing move though would be a complete departure in sound for the good doctor and I think what he does better than anyone is make really good sounding hiphop. Take Kush for example, really solid huge sound - is it cutting edge/revolutionary? probably not, but it is a club track done exceptionally well. An album full of great music and I wont be disappointed, I'm not expecting a revolution anymore.

Listen to the track here:

p.s. the piano in the track sounds remarkably similar to that in the dope T.I/Nas leak from last year. Sounds like the world has ended and you've just awoken as the lone survivor.

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