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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Pieter T

Pieter T is probably a name you should get used to if you aren't familiar already. The 21 year old Kiwi crooner has been working with the uber-talented Chong Nee for a few years now and in my opinion is vocally more appealing than the other NZ prospect J Williams. Either way, NZ rnb > Aus rnb.

Currently working on a debut album, here are a couple of joints to give you a vibe for what he's about, which we should all be privy to once he crosses the Tasman.

"Can't Stop Loving You"
Look out for cameos from Chong Nee, Smashproof and Dei Hamo amongst others

...more after the jump...

"Business" feat. PNC and Dei Hamo

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